Medan is the capital city of North Sumatra Province in Indonesia. This city offers various tourist attractions that you can visit for your dream vacation, especially for culinary and cultural trip. With its ethnic diversity, you can enjoy the blend of culture and various ethnic cuisine in just one city. Thus, the paragraph below will give a brief information about what to do in Medan.

The following list below will explain about some of the best things to do in Medan according to travelers around the world.

  • Eating Dinner at CahayaBaru: this restaurant is situated in an area called KampungKeling and considered as one among the most popular eatery within the city. The foods offered by this eatery consists of cheap and delicious Indian cuisine. You can taste authentic dhal and curries in this restaurant. You can also order a menu called Tali, which has various vegetable, rice, and curries dishes on a metal tray with separated compartment. This menu is suitable for those who visit this restaurant in a large group, such as with family of friends.
  • Visiting Graha Maria AnnaiVelangkanni: for a photography enthusiast, this Catholic Church is a great place to visit thanks to its unique architecture. First established in 2005, this church gives a sense of optical illusion with its architecture. Inspired by Indian temple, this church has lavish furnishings and the colorful and elegant effigies. You can take various extraordinary pictures in this church. Don’t worry, both worshippers and visitors are welcomed to this church. It can be considered as the powerful symbol of the diversity of ethnicity living in Medan.
  • Strolling around the KampungKeling: you may mistake yourself to be in India if you visit this area. There are a lot of shops in this area that sell Indian jewelry and colorful saris for souvenirs. You can also have a culinary trip in this area with its various Indian restaurants that serve conventional Indian cuisine. You can also go to Sri Mariamman Temple, a temple constructed in 1884, which boast a wonderful color mix. The ornate carvings on this temple are something that you cannot find in Medan anywhere else in Medan.
  • Enjoying foods at Garuda Restaurant: for those who wish to taste the quintessential Medan cuisine, this restaurant is the best place to visit. There are some Garuda Restaurant around the city and you can just go to the closest one with your stay. The main menu of this restaurant is the infamous Nasi Padang or Padang Rice. The restaurant’s staff will provide you a plate of rice and around twenty small dishes with different sauces, vegetables, fish, and curries. The highlights of these dishes are spicy eggplant, potato cakes, and beef curry or better known as rendang.

Those are some of the activities you can do during your trip to Medan. There are still many activities you can do aside from the ones mentioned above. However, for a short trip, those activities should be enough to help you refresh your body and mind.

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